Saturday, December 6, 2014

My Weight Loss Journal - Stu Blyde

Dec. 7, 2014 – 

It's been a long time since my last post. I've decided to use my blog as a forum for journalling my progress as I lose pounds. Today I began measuring my food in earnest, 7 weeks after my gastric bypass surgery. I found today that I had lost enough weight and inches to fit into this cool pair of olive green khakis I got over a year ago along with a neat fleece vest I got at the same time. I’m really happy about it and I want to lose more! And faster!

I have been used to eyeballing my measurements but I’ve made some mistakes as to how much I can use in terms of chicken and vegetables. I’ve steered almost completely clear of bread (except tortillas) and I need to up my intake of fruit and yogurt. All in all, I’m doing ok, I have more energy and I feel lighter when I walk. I have exercised some, but not enough. I need to discipline myself to lift and walk more often. Gotta get in shape for riding my bike in the summer. Maybe I can get my arse up and go down to the church to play some basketball and/or do some sword kata in the mornings, early or late...

Anyway, starting today, I’m going to couple this periodic journal with a daily journal of my food intake. That way I will have accountability and something to show Nancy and Dr. Jules at the Guelph Bariatric Clinic! And I'll continue my theological musings and discoveries as I had done before on here. SO for those of you who had subscribed...I'm back!

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